Since 2011, Bananerd has worked with entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, pro-athletes, universities and internationally-known ministries. These top performers trust us with their business because they know we care and are in it to win it.

We build custom solutions for your industry and goals. An efficient website or a “make-em-cry” video can make you fall in love with your business all over again, and the world will swoon with you! When you need to find “your people” and speak to their souls, you know it’s not enough to throw up a template and be done.

Things We Care About

Solving problems Making sure your online strategy works for your routine and will help you achieve your business goals. This means giving you more than just pretty designs and cool development, but a plan that fits your future.

Making this stuff not-scary Ensuring you are able to update and maintain your web presence longterm. We do this by developing our websites on content management platforms and providing tutorial videos on how you should use the tools created for you.

Making you look, like, really good online. Nuff said.

Communication. A lot of communication.

Things we don’t care about

Being “pixel pushers.” We need to feel as much apart of ideation as implementation. This process needs to be collaborative.

Making you a slave to technology. The 21st century has made life mega convenient, but the reason is those innovations should work FOR you, not against you. We have no interest in recommending tools to you that you will never use, or that don’t make sense. You need to do what works for you and your business.

Hittin’ it and quittin’ it. We’re in this for the long haul baby. While we’re into giving you fast results, we want our relationship with you to be a thing and not a fling. The reason are support staff has expanded is to facilitate your maintenance requests, questions, and ongoing support in a timely manner.

From The Owner / Creative Director

I started Bananerd with the goal of making the web a less scary place for my clients. Five years later, I am just as committed to creating not only websites, but online systems that help you run your business and the support to demystify it all.

I started as a freelancer, but have since expanded my team so I could continue to turn around projects and requests at a quick pace. Today, I’m proud to lead a team made up of experts that know their stuff. My 2+ years of relationships with my nerd squad near and abroad has only strengthened my conviction that there is a heart behind every screen, and it’s that heart I strive to nurture in the way I lead and design.

While people hire us for design, development and video production, we’ve had clients stay with us since the beginning because of our insight and expertise. I like the term online allies because that’s how we view ourselves. We don’t just take orders, we do what’s right for you and your business. We are really into having fun, being approachable, and setting you up not just with a project, but with the tools that keep you in control.

If you want to connect, I invite you to join my entrepreneurial wolf-pack by signing up below. You’ll get free resources to help you kill it online and weekly wisdom from me on creativity + business.

Here’s to you and all you do.

-Kristen Estes


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