Shopify Store

Name: Fiternity

Client: Fiternity Apparel

Service : Custom Shopify Theme

Live Site :


Fiternity is a long-term client of Bananerd as we have had a relationship with the brand since designing their first website in 2013, designing the Fiternity Gym website in 2014, and in October of 2015, we launched a revamped version of Fiternity Apparel. This Shopify store is a highly customized version on Shopify’s Brooklyn Theme with Size Chart and Team pages custom to Fiternity. The Size Chart page shows Fiternity’s unique sizing formula for their popular Fiternity Pant. The TEAM page showcases Fiternity’s Athletes that compete across the United States in national Crossfit competitions. The site also has unique options for shopping in mobile views, where the user can toggle between a single item view, or double product list view (pictured above.) We are extremely proud of this site and can totally vouch for the wonder powers of the Fiternity Pant!