Habitat For Humanity

Name: Habitat For Humanity

Client: Habitat For Humanity Capital District

Service : Website Revamp

Live Site : http://habitatcd.org

Habitat For Humanity Capital District has been a long time collaborator with us and approached Bananerd in 2014 for a redesign after seeing our fresh way of blending multiple feeds and elements succinctly into one page on other sites. The organization wanted to highlight the benefits of donations and make their programs more easily understandable to website visitors. They wanted page layouts and feeds that multiple members of their team could update easily, and needed Bananerd to stay within the Organization’s established design style rules. Our design solved all of these problems for the Capital Region Habitat For Humanity branch. We were honored to build this website for an organization that does so much good!

""We looked into 9 companies before being referred to Bananerd, and not one of them were able to meet our needs – Kristen (from Bananerd) was a breath of fresh air! She knew our website platform, was able to make the appropriate edits, and had great ideas on how to incorporate new changes and fix old problems on our site. I feel like any company could benefit from Bananerd’s personal and quality service, but particularly small businesses and nonprofits.""

-Hannah Nolan, Habitat For Humanity, Capital District