Havilah Cunnington

Podcast Feed & Website Additions

Name: Havilah Cunnington

Client: Havilah Cunnington

Service : Design, Web Development

Live Site : havilahcunnington.com


Havilah already had a great website, designed by Amy Renee Design in 2013, but the site needed some new¬†additions to acommodate her growing ministry. Since late 2015, Bananerd has reworked the homepage to include a more prominent opt in form and streamlined the widgets and added multiple banners to feature current happenings with Havilah’s ministry. The most notable new area to havilahcunnington.com has been the Podcast Feed- a custom area where users can play Havilah’s Podcast. Bananerd also updated the branding for Havilah’s Podcast in July of 2016 to make it more recognizable, as it has consistently risen¬†prominence in the iTunes Christianity podcast section.

"Working with Kristen was a truly great experience. She was so quick to respond, professional in all aspects, and had top notch skills to quickly troubleshoot and repair my website's issues. It was a joy and really easy working with Kristen. I highly recommend her for any website development needs you may have!"

-Ben Cunnington, Havilah Cunnington