Website Reviews

Know you have a pain point in your site and aren’t sure where it’s coming from? Ouch! We work with you to identify what is and isn’t working, and given you actionable steps to take to improve.

Here’s how it works:

1) Once you book your time, you will be sent an invoice and a website questionnaire about your business goals online.

2) Upon receiving your payment and completed questionnaire, I send you my walkthrough of the site via video and a PDF of my completed feedback. This PDF is like a website “report card” from both a design and marketing standpoint, based on your goals.

3) We chat via Skype (30 mins) during the time you booked and walk through the site together. We also go over any questions or comments you may have.

4) After our conversation, I send you a checklist of practical things you can do to spruce up your site. Think of this as your action plan moving forward.

Cost: $125